Joining the Shæferman clan makes you part of the family, but as a new member you’re still a guest of the clan. Please do keep the following in mind:

  1. Be mature. We are a very relaxed family that does like to have fun. The minute you step out of line we will give you a warning and if you keep pushing then we will give you the boot without hesitation.
  2. Fill open requests. We don’t have donation minimums, but do expect you to fill any open requests before making your own.
  3. Fill troop requests accurately. If someone asks for archers, don’t give them giants – or anything else – without asking first. Seriously. This will get you kicked quickly. Archers are the default donation troop.
  4. Make reasonable troop requests. Don’t post troop requests that are unlikely to be filled casually, such as dragons or dark troops. With advance notice, though, most clan members are happy to make something special.
  5. Don’t start trouble. Deal with clan issues like an adult. Be kind. Offer advice gently. Avoid unhelpful criticism. Support the clan.
  6. Stay Active. Daily players are preferred. Please have a league shield (the colored symbol next to your name) on your account by the first Wednesday of each new season. Low activity members are removed each Sunday. Let the Leader or Co-Leader’s know if you need to be away from the game.

That’s it! We consider these to be fairly straightforward and common sense expectations. Stick to them and enjoy your stay with Shæferman!


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