About Us

The clan was formed in September 2012 by two Norwegian guys Supersiw and his friend Loial. His kids showed him Clash of Clans and when he found out his friend played as well, they decided to make a clan. The original intent  of the clan was to be small and personal only Supersiw and Loial, but they kept on playing and after a while they started to get a lot of their real friends in and it grew to be a family clan. It took off like wildfire.

So a clan that started as a joke is now one of the oldest clans in the game.

The name Shæferman was also the result of coincidences as my friend had just gotten himself a new dog, a German Shepard which in Norwegian is called Shæfer (sheafer). So he named the clan after his dog.

We have had a core of players playing for over a year. The clan was about to close just before the clan wars update came. Not much action, but the war update spurred new life into the clan. And now we are a semi war clan fighting twice a week, but still family oriented as several of our players have their kids in the clan. 

Our ambition is to have fun and win wars.

Trophies are of little value to us, as we never push. War stars are what matters. 

  • Fight every war with your best troops or get the boot.
  • No Cursing
  • Need to be Level 80 to join and have 150 war stars
  • Elder is earned by loyalty, war stars, and donations

This clan is not for the super ambitious, but pushing for champs is possible. Play the way you want. 
If you are looking for a relaxed clan with adults and fight a few wars a week, then join us. Shæferman.

Current Wars Won :102 as of July 5th, 2015


Super 🙂

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