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Hamish Farming Base


This was a base requested from one of our clan members for our clan members. If you’re looking for a good farming base; then this is a good base to utilize.

Notice how all the resources are well protected. Not one resource is doubled up in one compartment, The clan castle is located in the middle, so it make’s it harder for the enemy to lure out them. All defense are symmetrical which is a must! Traps are places around the outer edge, along with majority of the defense to lure giants, hogs, and other troops to fall for the trap.

All Around I belive this is a good farming base.

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Anti-dragon base for war!

Hello. I just want to tell you all about the idea we got to help us win more wars!

Okey, so basically we want all TH8`s to change their warbase to a anti-dragon base because most people use dragon attacks when they attack in clan wars, and most of us dont have the base to defend against it which means in most situations, they will win. And that is something that we dont want. So therefor i ask everyone that is in TH8 to use one of the many anti-dragon bases out there to get like an extra protection. It might just make the different between a win and a loss. You can search up on youtube “Clash of clans anti dragon base” and find a base you think might work the best. Here is a one:

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