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Hamish Farming Base


This was a base requested from one of our clan members for our clan members. If you’re looking for a good farming base; then this is a good base to utilize.

Notice how all the resources are well protected. Not one resource is doubled up in one compartment, The clan castle is located in the middle, so it make’s it harder for the enemy to lure out them. All defense are symmetrical which is a must! Traps are places around the outer edge, along with majority of the defense to lure giants, hogs, and other troops to fall for the trap.

All Around I belive this is a good farming base.

photo 2


photo 1

Farming Base

Hamish brought it to our attention that he was very pleased with a farming base that he has been using at Town Hall 8 that was very effective. You can check it out at MatuGaming CoC along with many other amazing clash of clans layouts.