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I’m back and Ready to Party!


I’m back and ready to do this. It’s been awhile since our site has been updated, So just to fill you in on what has been updated.

  • Members page
  • About Us
  • Shæferman 2

Just to let everyone know we are currently sitting at 84 wars won and currently at war now. Best of luck to Quebec team. May the best clan win!



Sorry everyone!

I have been away due to work and college. I haven’t updated anything in awhile so bare with me as I try to catch up. This holiday season will be slow, because well you know I want to spend as much time with family and friend and I suggest you do the same. But definitally continue to clash hard! We need to win more battles. We are coming together as a clan and have grown much, much, stronger. Keep fighting and hitting safe targets!

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